1. sunflower-mama:



    Stop I’m gonna cry

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  2. cloudy-dreamers:

    My next door neighbour knocked on my window and handed me a bunch of sweetpeas and they smell so good

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  3. xborntolose:

    I’m sleepy and I wish I was kissing you.

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  6. saatchiart:

    Annabu Kliewer
    South Africa

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  7. fairygodblogger:

    aw he doesnt even know hes just so happy to be alive

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  8. iloveyoulikekanyeloveskanye:


    so much tension in one photo

    its either 1am or 1pm in the pic and i dont know which is funnier

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  9. yupitsrex:


    dont push bitch

    can we just acknowledge how smooth that trip was like he must be a professional tripper or something

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  10. 752322:



    i have never seen a nipple in my entire life.

    step one: lift up shirt

    2) look dwon 

    3) nipple

    holy shit.. holy Fucking shit what the fuck is that

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